Why Are My Eyelashes So Short After Extensions?

Eyelash extensions have become incredibly popular in recent years, allowing women to achieve longer, thicker lashes without the use of falsies or mascara. However, one common complaint among those who have tried lash extensions is that their natural lashes seem to be shorter and thinner after the extensions fall out. This phenomenon has left many women wondering why their eyelashes have been damaged by something that was supposed to enhance their appearance. 

This article will uncover the potential hazards of lash extensions and provide you with guidelines to prevent any damage from occurring. We will discuss the science behind eyelash growth and shedding, as well as the types of adhesives that are used to attach the extensions. Furthermore, we will provide readers with tips on how to care for their natural lashes before and after getting extensions, in order to minimize the risk of damage. Following the conclusion of this enlightening article, you'll be much more knowledgeable as to why eyelash extensions may result in shorter lashes and how to prevent them from occurring again.

Understanding Eyelash Growth 

Understanding the eyelash growth cycle is crucial for maintaining healthy and luscious lashes. Like all hair on our body, our lashes follow a natural growth cycle consisting of three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. During the anagen phase, your lashes can grow at a rate of 0.12-0.14mm daily for up to 6-8 weeks! This is the active growth period that helps you achieve healthier, fuller eyelashes. The catagen phase is a transitional phase where growth slows down before the lashes enter the telogen phase. The telogen phase is the resting phase where old lashes fall out and new ones begin to grow in their place. This phase can last up to 100 days before the cycle starts all over.

It's essential to recognize that every lash is subject to its own growth cycle, making the shedding of lashes a natural and continuous occurrence. However, certain factors can impact the growth cycle, leading to stunted or sparse lashes. These factors include genetics, aging, hormonal changes, and harsh cosmetic treatments. In addition, the use of lash extensions or falsies can also affect the growth cycle and damage natural lashes.

To maintain healthy lashes, it's important to nourish them with proper care and avoid harsh treatments. Applying natural oils, such as castor oil or coconut oil, can help promote growth and strengthen lashes. It's also important to remove eye makeup gently and avoid rubbing or pulling at lashes as this can cause damage. With proper care and understanding of the growth cycle, anyone can achieve healthy and beautiful lashes.

Reasons Why Eyelashes Get Shorter After Extensions?

Choosing the wrong lengthIf the extension applied is too heavy or too long for your natural lashes, it can cause your natural lashes to become weaker and fall out more easily. This is because the extension puts too much weight on the natural lash, which can lead to breakage and stunted growth.

Nailhead: Nailhead is a term used to describe the point where the extension is glued to the natural lash. If the nailhead is placed too close to the base of the lash, it can block the hair follicle and prevent new lash growth. This can result in shorter, thinner lashes over time.

Stickies: Stickies are pieces of adhesive used to secure the extensions to your natural lashes. If stickies aren't placed properly, they can pull on your natural lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely. This will result in shorter lashes, as well as uneven growth and an overall sparse appearance.

Applying extensions on baby lashes: Baby lashes are shorter, finer lashes that are usually found near the corners of your eyes. These lashes are not strong enough to carry the weight of extensions and can become damaged if extensions are applied to them. If these lashes are damaged, they may not grow back, leading to overall shorter lashes.

It's important to choose a reputable and skilled lash technician to apply your extensions, as they will be able to select the right length and weight for your natural lashes. Regularly caring for your lashes and avoiding rubbing or pulling on them can also help to prevent breakage and maintain lash health.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Eyelash extensions have been a popular cosmetic treatment for quite some time. They enhance the look of your natural lashes and give your eyes a more dramatic look. Despite the fact that eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular, there is a persistent argument on whether or not they can harm your real lashes. The truth is that eyelash extensions, if not done properly, can cause damage to your natural lashes.

Worrying about weakened and brittle natural eyelashes is a legitimate fear when it comes to extensions. This is because the weight of the extensions can put excess pressure on your natural lashes, causing them to break or fall out. Additionally, the glue used to attach the extensions can also cause damage to your natural lashes if it gets on your skin or in your eyes.

When done responsibly, eyelash extensions can offer a secure route to amplify the beauty of your own lashes without causing harm. It's important to have your extensions done by a trained professional who understands how to apply them correctly and uses high-quality products. You should also avoid getting extensions that are too heavy or too long for your natural lashes, as this can put unnecessary strain on them. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of eyelash extensions without risking damage to your natural lashes.

Ways for Promoting Eyelash Growth

Practice Gentleness When Dealing With The Area Surrounding Your Eyes

Be mindful when applying products near the eyes, as the area requires delicate care to keep your existing eyelashes healthy. Constantly straining and struggling to remove your makeup can easily result in pulling out precious natural lashes, so spare yourself the hassle by taking off cosmetics with ease.

Therefore, it is preferable to abstain from using water-resistant mascara which necessitates extra effort to take off. Beware of superficial solutions, such as applying false lashes that may tear away natural ones due to their adhesive tape and employing curlers that can snap lashes.

Nourish And Condition With Natural Oils

If you wish to avoid lash growth serums, there are multiple organic alternatives to enhance your eyelashes. Both castor oil and coconut oil are nutrient-rich and excellent for hydrating and maintaining your eyelashes. Vitamin E oil can also be advantageous - vitamin E has been associated with hair development and is beneficial for the surface of the skin.

Groom Your Natural Eyelashes

Regularly brushing your lashes may encourage growth and also untangle them, resulting in a longer look. You can buy a particular instrument to groom your eyelashes, or simply utilize a sterile mascara brush.

Apply A Lash Growth Serum

It comes as no surprise that using a lash growth serum can help maintain the health and rejuvenation of your eyelashes. A variety of solutions exist for purchase, some of which have proven successful.

As a precaution, it is essential to double-check the ingredients of any product before purchasing and using it on your skin. Ensure you are aware of how safe this item is for use on sensitive areas like the face or body. Additionally, take a test patch prior to full application in order to identify any sensitivity.

Take A Break

If you would prefer to allow your own eyelashes to rest and recover, and you are content with an uncomplicated appearance, then do not bother with lash extensions. Nourish your lashes with oil during the break, brushing them regularly to replenish and hydrate.


Including omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins in your nutrition plan is a great method of aiding the increase of your eyelashes. Seek out nutritionally dense items that provide the necessary biotin and keratin proteins to fortify and sustain the structure of locks and eyelashes. An ideal diet for lengthening your eyelashes is composed of salmon, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens.

Seek Out An Experienced Salon For Your Eyelash Extension Service

For your next eyelash extension session, make sure you visit a reputable establishment. Though the cost may be higher up front, you can trust that your requirements will be completely fulfilled – no more worrying about coming back for additional attention a few weeks from now. It also keeps you reassured that your original eyelashes are not being harmed.

How Soon Will My Lashes be Back to Normal After I Take Out my Eyelash Extensions? 

It can take from nine to twelve weeks for eyelashes to return to their original form following the removal of extensions, which is the length of a single growth cycle.

The optimistic report is that your original eyelashes will eventually regrow. The speed of growth of an individual's natural eyelash differs. Normally, a lash is capable of advancing half an inch each month before shedding off after 90 days, with a potential buffer of five more days.

Importance of Researching and Choosing a Reputable Lash Artist 

When it comes to getting lash extensions, it is essential to research and choose a reputable lash artist. This is because lash extension application requires a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch that only experienced professionals possess. A reputable lash artist has an extensive understanding of eyelash health, and proper application techniques, and uses high-quality products that will not damage the natural lashes. 

Choosing a reputable lash artist is crucial to ensuring that you receive the best possible results from the procedure. Researching potential lash artists will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Reading online reviews, looking at their portfolio, and seeking referrals from previous clients are important factors that can help you make the right choice.

Moreover, choosing a reputable lash artist also ensures that the application process is safe and hygienic, which is especially important during a pandemic. An experienced lash artist follows strict safety protocols and uses disposable tools, avoiding the risk of infection. In conclusion, investing time in researching and choosing a reputable lash artist is beneficial in achieving beautiful, safe, and long-lasting results.

Proper Care for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions offer an excellent way to enhance the beauty of one's eyes, especially for those with shorter and thinner lashes. However, maintaining and caring for the extensions is essential to ensure that they last longer and look natural. Quality lashes can last anywhere from three to four weeks with proper care. Here are some essential tips for handling and cleaning your eyelash extensions:

  • Firstly, avoid rubbing your eyes or excessive touching, which can cause the lash to fall out or damage your natural lashes. 
  • Secondly, keep away from oil-based products like makeup removers or moisturizers since they can corrode the lash adhesive and result in premature lash detachment. Instead, use water-based products, gentle cleansers, and makeup removers specifically formulated for eyelash extensions.
  • Thirdly, brush your lashes regularly using a spoolie brush to keep them tidy and straight. Additionally, if you happen to wear mascara or liner, use a water-based version and apply it only to the tips of the extensions, avoiding the base. 
  • Lastly, it is essential to clean your lashes daily using a mixture of water and mild soap or baby shampoo. Take your time to delicately massage the lashes and rinse them with cool water before finishing off by patting them dry with a gentle cloth.

Maintaining the condition of your eyelash extensions may take some effort, but it's worth it to keep them looking fabulous. Proper maintenance and cleaning will make your eyelash extensions last longer and look more natural. Lastly, picking a reputable and experienced lash technician will ensure that you get the best results possible, and proper care for eyelash extensions will keep your eyes looking young, beautiful, and healthy.

The takeaway

Ultimately, keeping your eyelashes looking their best post-extensions may require a complete shift in your beauty routine and an optimization of lash care techniques. Considering the potential damage that can be done to your natural lashes’ follicles, it is especially important to not add any unnecessary stress by adding too much weight or tugging when handling them. Additionally, if you do notice stubby or stunted eyelash growth occurring on the lash line, try adding an eyelash serum to your regimen - with regular use, you could possibly minimize future damage and see some beautiful results while at it! All in all, safety comes as a priority when it comes to caring for your lashes both before and after extensions.