The Truth About Lash Extensions: Why They Can Ruin Your Natural Lashes

How Do Lash Extensions Damage Natural Lashes?

When considering the potential risks of lash extensions, one of the primary concerns that arises is how they might damage natural lashes. Those who favor extensions will point to their potential aesthetic impact, while those opposed will warn of potential damage.

On one hand, lash extensions can be weighed against more traditional methods such as mascara or false eyelashes, which are generally known to cause less damage. Mascara can dry out the lashes and cause brittleness, but with careful application and regular removal, this risk can be minimized. Similarly, when attached properly, false eyelashes will not cause any real harm if removed soon after wearing them.

However, lash extensions have a unique set of dangers when it comes to their impact on natural lashes. Due to their semi-permanent nature, they are glued directly onto the existing eyelash hair, which can increase the risk of irritation and potentially cause damage over time. Poorly-trained technicians may use too much force during application, which can lead to breakage; this is especially problematic for users who already have delicate or sparse lashes. The weight of the extensions could also pull on the hair follicles over time and lead to thinning or fall out. Furthermore, improper glue or adhesive used during extension application could contain chemicals that are harmful to eyes and effectively poison natural lashes in certain cases.

The danger of lash extension damage to natural eyelashes is something that many people take seriously, and so it's essential that individuals do their research when selecting a salon to ensure trained experts are used. With proper care and vigilance, most of the issues surrounding their use can be avoided altogether. However, that isn't always enough for those seeking long-term solutions to their look. With all this in mind, next we'll examine how glue affects natural lashes in this situation.

How Does Glue Affect Natural Lashes?

Eyelash extensions are a popular way to enhance the appearance of eyelashes, but they can have damaging effects on natural lashes. The glue used to attach the extensions clumps around the person's real eyelashes, making them more prone to breakage and falling out. The adhesive can also clog hair follicles, making that particular area unable to receive essential nutrients. This results in the person's lashes growing back thinner over time. Additionally, with improper installation, extensions can be applied too close to the eyelid and create irritation which leads to further damage to natural lashes from repeated rubbing or scratching. To ensure proper eyelash extension application and minimal damage to your own lashes, it is important for you to find a reputable lash technician with years of experience and specialized training for putting on eyelash extensions.

How Does Increased Shedding Affect Natural Lashes?

Shedding is a natural part of the lash growth cycle, but it can be intensified when wearing lash extensions. Over time, the glue used to attach the extensions can cause breakage and weaken your natural lashes. This can lead to increased shedding, leading to thinner and weaker lashes over time. People with allergies or sensitivities may have an even more pronounced issue with shedding due to having a reaction to the glue used. 

To help mitigate increased shedding, it’s important to take care when placing lash extensions and replace them regularly so they don’t stay on too long. Additionally, try to find a lash technician that is experienced at creating natural looks that will still provide fullness while reducing strain on your natural lashes. If you are experiencing increased shedding or noticing any kind of irritation from your eyelash extensions, make sure you book an appointment with a qualified technician as soon as possible.

What Type of Damage Can Lash Extensions Cause?

Lash extensions can cause several types of damage to your natural lashes, including breakage, thinning, and weakening from the glue used to attach them. Additionally, using products with oil-based ingredients or not following aftercare instructions can cause weak and brittle lashes. The weight of the extensions can also put a strain on the hair follicles, leading to weaker hairs as they grow back in. 

To prevent this type of damage, it's important for clients to only visit lash technicians who are experienced and qualified in applying lash extensions. Additionally, it is vital to choose high-quality products and use them according to instructions given by the technician. Thorough aftercare is also essential, as this will help maintain healthy and strong natural lashes while wearing eyelash extensions.

Decreased Lash Length and Thickness

While beauty products such as lash extensions can provide a long-term approach to fuller lashes, the damage it imposes can't be overlooked. Most lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with glue or adhesive, which can break and damage the hair follicle on your eyelashes over time. This repetitive application of glue over your lash line can cause a breakage in the structure of the hair follicle that results in decreased lash length and thickness. In some cases, an infection also develops due to incomplete removal of eyelashes, improper cleaning procedure, or poor-quality product components. All of these problems must be carefully considered before deciding to get beauty treatments with lash extensions.

Loss of Healthy Hair Cycle

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment. However, they come with some potential damage to your eyelashes. When eyelash extensions are applied, the eyelash’s natural growth cycle is disrupted. If eyelash removal and reapplication are done too frequently or incorrectly, the eyelash extension can cause premature shedding of eyelashes, resulting in sparse eyelashes and bald spots. Other problems associated with eyelash extensions include irritation to the eye area if large amounts of eyelashes and glue are used in the process. Additionally, many people use eyelash growth serums to help their eyelashes regrow faster; this could cause adverse reactions when used in combination with eyelash extensions, creating more damage that could linger for many months. Therefore, it is important to research the provider of eyelash services before scheduling an appointment.

How to Avoid Damage to Natural Lashes

While fall out or shedding of individual lashes are to be expected, extensive damage can occur with lash extensions if proper steps are not taken. You can avoid this by asking questions during your consultation and conducting a patch test before having the extensions applied. The patch test will assess any potential allergies to ingredients used in the product and it is beneficial to ask your service provider about their technique and the type of glue they use. Additionally, making sure you only book appointments with qualified cosmetologists, aestheticians, and technicians will further reduce the risk of any damage to natural eyelashes.

The Right Type of Extension

It is important to understand the importance of avoiding any damage when utilizing natural lashes as extensions. With adequate knowledge and care, you can ensure natural lashes are not damaged throughout their extensions service. To achieve this, it is essential that you consult a trained and professional eyelash technician who will be able to consider factors such as the client’s eye health, the amount of existing natural lashes from the client, and others, in order to create an effective extension with minimal damage to natural lashes. Ultimately, through careful selection and consideration from an experienced professional in the field, you can have beautiful-looking lashes without unintentionally causing any damage.

Alternatives To Lash Extensions

Lash extensions can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty, but they also come with some price tags and risks. Alternatives to lash extensions provide an affordable and sometimes less intrusive option. They are typically composed of synthetic fibers or strands that are held together with adhesives and cling to your existing lashes. Because these alternatives don't take as much time to apply as lash extensions do, price is usually a major factor in their selection over traditional lash applications. Furthermore, many alternatives to lash extensions reduce the risk of damage to your natural lashes due to the use of fewer chemicals and no heat application used for applying them. In addition, opting for an alternative that doesn’t contain any adhesives directly on your skin may provide a more comfortable experience overall.


Lash extensions can cause breakage to your real lashes in a few different ways. Applying and taking off the extensions is an intensive process — those sensitive lashes are being pulled, tugged, and teased with tweezers in the process, weakening them over time. Once the extensions are off, breakage happens due to the difference in elasticity between your natural lashes and the extended ones. Since lash extensions use stronger materials than your own hair, it’s almost like stretching out a rubber band beyond its capacity; eventually, breakage happens. So, if you want your real lashes to remain healthy and luxuriously long, stay away from lash extensions and look for another way! Whispybae offers products that will help give you a beautiful alternative look sans breakage. Check out our website today for more information!