How Long Does it Take to Get Lash Extensions? A Guide to Lash Extension Timing

Want to up your beauty game with long, curled lashes? Lash extensions are an amazing way to achieve the look you’re going for without hours spent fiddling with an eyelash curler every morning. But how much time should you expect lash extensions to take? If you’re considering getting them done, it pays to know what kind of timing we’re talking about, so that you can plan accordingly and go into the salon or studio feeling informed and prepared. In this guide, we'll walk through some key details related to lash extension timings - from pre-appointment preparation steps like patch tests to post-appointment follow-ups such as touch-ups!

What to Expect With Lash Extensions

When considering lash extensions, there are a number of factors to be aware of in order to best manage expectations. Before the appointment, clients should research the stylist's portfolio to ensure they're getting the look they're after and make sure the salon is appropriately and safely outfitted for extensions.

The most important thing for clients to know about lash extensions is that touch-ups will be required every two or three weeks. This is due to how eyelashes naturally fall out over time and need to be replaced by a lash stylist for a long-lasting set. Touch-ups may also be necessary if clients want a more noticeable effect from their extensions, such as adding individual lashes or creating an ombré look.

Clients should understand that taking proper care of their lash extensions is essential in order for them to last as long as possible. This means avoiding oil-based products near the eyes, not picking or rubbing the lashes and not sleeping face down on them. For optimal results, clients should follow their stylist's instructions exactly and ask questions if needed.

Measuring For Perfect Lashes

When it comes to deciding upon the perfect lash extension for a client, measuring correctly is of the utmost importance. Whether a client is looking for full dramatic lashes or something more subtle and natural, properly measuring can make all the difference.

The primary way of measuring perfect lashes, recommended by many professionals, is to measure individual lashes. This technique involves carefully measuring the client’s natural lashes and then selecting the lash extensions closest in length and volume. This ensures that each individual lash looks completely natural and blends seamlessly with the rest of their lash line.

On the other hand, some professionals opt to measure entire sections of lashes at once. This approach takes into account the overall shape and desired look as opposed to simply matching lash lengths. It also allows them to create beautiful and customized looks which are unique to each client.

Customizing for Clients' Individual Gaze

The process of applying lash extensions can be customized to suit the individual's desired look. Clients may prefer a more natural or voluminous style and this will affect how long the process takes as well as the amount of adhesive used during application. By consulting with clients beforehand, technicians are able to provide full customization for the ideal lash look.

Some clients may not just want lengthy lashes, but additional volume and drama. In such cases, stylists can use multiple bundles or even add extra lashes to achieve a unique result. On the other hand, if clients require a less dramatic approach, one lash can be added to their own eyelash line in order to create a more natural look and appear as though they’re wearing no falsies at all.

The Application Process

The application process for lash extensions can vary greatly depending on the type of extension and the size of the client’s natural lashes. Typically, the process will start with a consultation to discuss what type of look the customer wants and assess their current lashes. This is followed by cleaning and shaping the natural lashes, measuring, choosing, and curling the extensions, and then gluing them on individual strands of natural lashes. On average, a full set of extensions typically takes about two hours to apply.

There is debate as to whether glue should be used for all lash extension applications or whether some should use other polymer-based adhesives. Those who argue for glue cite its longer-lasting properties as a main benefit, since it can securely bond extensions with natural eyelashes for more than six weeks; however, there have been reports that it can cause discomfort and allergic reactions in some people. Others support the use of other bonds – such as those based on cyanoacrylate – citing their quick drying times and better ability to securely attach extensions without causing irritation. Ultimately, each bond has different properties that may make it better or worse depending on a customer’s individual needs.

Different Types of Polymer & Glue

When it comes to getting lash extensions, there are two main types of adhesive: polymer and glue. Both types of adhesive are used to bond the synthetic lashes to your natural eyelashes, making them look fuller and more defined.

Polymer is a type of semi-permanent adhesive that usually contains rubber or silicone. It dries hard, so it forms a much sturdier bond than glue and does not require as much maintenance between appointments. The polymer also sets quicker, meaning that eyelash treatments can be completed in less time. On the other hand, polymer does have some drawbacks - it is heavier than glue and doesn’t always provide a seamless blend with natural lashes. Also, it can be difficult to remove the extensions once they’ve been set with polymer.

Glue is a type of permanent adhesive that sets slowly over time and can last up to six weeks. Unlike polymer adhesives, glue only takes a few minutes to dry and provides a natural-looking shine when applied correctly. However, since it takes longer to set in comparison to polymer, lash treatments will also take more time with glue than with polymer-based adhesives. In addition, because the bond isn’t as strong as polymer-based products, you may find yourself needing more frequent touchups using glue-based adhesives.

How Long Should Lash Extensions Take?

When it comes to how long lash extensions should take, it depends on the desired look you are going for and your individual situation. For those seeking a dramatic voluminous look, it may take up to 3-4 hours to apply a full set of extensions as trying to get the perfect look can be time-consuming. However, if you are after a more natural look, then it should be relatively quick - typically around an hour or so - although one might require a few touch-ups thereafter.

It is therefore advisable for those opting for longer, thicker lashes that they plan for an entire afternoon at their appointment, whereas those looking for something more subtle should not have to spend too much time. Additionally, it is important to make sure you go to a known and trusted technician who will have the necessary experience in order to be able to offer the best results in the shortest possible amount of time.

No matter what look you're going for, it is paramount that the lash extension application process is carried out correctly as mistakes can easily occur if not done properly. It's also essential that compatibility tests are done prior to treatment in order to ensure that the glue won't cause any reactions and damage your natural lashes.

Get Ready For a New Lash Look!

Getting lash extensions is no small task, and it requires some serious prep work. Preparation will help ensure that the application goes smoothly and you are happy with the end results. Here’s how to get ready for a new lash look:

1. Cleanse your Lashes: Cleansing your lashes before getting lash extensions can help remove any oil, dirt, or debris that could interfere with the adhesive bonding. Therefore, it is important to carefully cleanse the area around your eyes with a gentle cleanser prior to arriving at your appointment.

2. Avoid Makeup and Water Near Your Lashes: Using makeup or water near the eye area prior to a lash extension session can make it difficult for the adhesive to bond and thus impact the longevity of your extensions. For best results, wait 24 hours after getting your extensions before using any type of eye makeup or getting them wet.

3. Eat Before You Go: Lash extensions can take up to two hours or more depending on the look you want to achieve, so it’s important to have a meal before leaving home since you won’t be able to eat until the completion of your appointment.

4. Come Without Mascara: Don’t come to your appointment already wearing mascara - even waterproof formulas - as this may interfere with the bonding process of the adhesive and you run the risk of losing some of your natural lashes in the removal process. However, if you do arrive wearing mascara be sure to let your stylist know before starting so they can address it properly.

Overall, preparation is key when it comes time for getting eyelash extensions, and following pre-appointment protocols like these will give you peace of mind when laying down on that treatment chair for your new luscious lash look!

Final Thoughts:

Lash extensions can last anywhere from two to eight weeks. However, the average is about three to four weeks. The timing depends on how quickly your lashes grow and shed. If you take care of your lash extensions, they will last longer. Be sure to avoid water for the first 24 hours after getting them done, use a special brush to comb them out daily, and go back for touch-ups every 2-4 weeks. For more information about eyelash extension timing or high-quality products, visit today.