Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes: The Ultimate Guid

While you may have seen your friends flaunting their full and lush eyelash extensions, did you know that there’s also a special version specifically tailored to hooded eyes? That’s right - you don’t have to miss out on the eyelash extension trend just because your eyes are hooded. In this post, we’re laying out everything you need to know about eyelash extensions for hooded eyes, from the type of extensions to look for to the proper application techniques. In other words, we’ll be your ultimate guide for getting gorgeous and fluttery eyelashes, even if you have hooded eyes. So, if you’ve been living under a beauty rock for the last few years and are dying to get in on the eyelash extension game, read on!

Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

Eyelash extensions are the perfect illusion for hooded eyes, as they create an illusion of size by offsetting the eye area and gently lifting the lids away from the brow bone. With eyelash extensions, the size of your eyes is never an issue. Different eye shapes require different techniques, so it's important to find a lash tech that will cater to your specific shape. Additionally, care should be taken to use high-quality lashes that properly blend into your natural lash cycle and are suitable for your skin type. Regardless of eye shape or size, everyone can benefit from having some extra length and density in their lashes!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are worth considering for anyone who wants to make their eyes pop! Whether it's men, women, or others with gender identities outside of the binaries, this increasingly popular fashion trend is becoming more worth investing in. With increased training for artists applying eyelash extensions, there is an art to how these unique pieces perfectly fit faces. Whether one is going for something subtle like natural lashes or big and pretty volumes, creating beautiful and bespoke fuller lash looks is worth every penny. In turn, enhanced features can give a confidence boost to women of all ages! Through eyelash extensions, they can experience the assurance that they look their best without sacrificing comfort or style.

How to Choose a Perfect Lash Extension Style for Your Eye Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect lash extension style for your eye shape, base it on your choice of glam and luxurious mink extensions. As a professional eyelash technician, it is important to discuss with clients their preferences in order to help them choose the perfect look for them. From curved and flexible base styles to fullness levels, there are plenty of options that can bring any eye shape and size an effortless look that enhances their natural beauty. No matter the choice, natural or dramatic; straight or flared; individual or cluster lashes - together you can find a style that suits the clients' preference best.

Almond Eyes 

When it comes to lash extension styles, choosing the right one for your eye shape is essential. Almond-shaped eyes are perhaps the most versatile when it comes to lash extensions, as there are a variety of looks you can choose from. To highlight the unique shape of almond eyes, opt for gentle yet dramatic curl styles or lengths. You might also consider vivid or bold colors and patterns to play up the natural dimension of this eye shape. For almond eyes, multi-level and voluminous lashes will look especially attractive. Whatever style you choose, make sure that your eye shape is properly sculpted and accentuated by your lash extensions so that they stay comfortable and last.

Monolid Eyes

When considering the lash style that would best suit your particular eye shape, monolid eyes can be particularly challenging to work with. As this eye shape does not typically have a pronounced crease, it is important to choose an extension style that will create the illusion of depth and natural definition. Longer, tapered lashes are generally recommended for this eye shape as they will help to enhance the beauty of the almond-shaped eyes. Additionally, opting for added curl can add a lift and framing effect - creating a wide-eyed appeal. No matter what lash style you decide on, the biggest consideration when it comes to choosing lash extensions for monolid eyes is ensuring they will look natural and not be overwhelmed by too much weight or thickness while still achieving a beguiling look!

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are characterized by a heavy upper lid, which means you want to avoid bulky lash styles that may weigh your eyes down and give off an unnatural appearance. Instead, focus on adding subtle definition by opting for lightweight extensions that curl naturally and open up your eyes without adding too much weight. Also, consider thinner, longer lashes (such as D-curl or C-curl) to help emphasize the eye shape rather than overpower it. If a dramatic style is desired, consult with your professional lash artist beforehand to ensure the best results in terms of look and weight.

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes and want to choose the perfect Lash Extension style, it is important to keep in mind that creating a longer-looking lash line will help to elongate the eye shape. Aim for slightly shorter lashes in the inner corner and longer towards the outer corner. This will give your eyes a lift and create an eye-opening effect. It’s also best to use multiple lengths of extensions for a more natural, blended look. For round eyes, the fanning technique also works well because it provides a fuller effect without crowding the lids or making them appear wider. Experiment with different styles until you find the one that highlights your natural beauty while giving you the look you desire.

Downturned Eyes

When selecting a lash extension style for those with downturned eyes, there are several factors to consider. Initially, it is advisable to opt for a length and curl that complements the natural shape of the eyes. It is also recommended to use multiple lengths of lashes to create the appearance of volume without affecting the eye shape. Finally, those with downturned eyes can benefit from choosing a style that features longer lashes at the outer corner of their eyes as this helps to lift and define the gaze overall. By taking these considerations into account, you should be able to find a lash look that perfectly suits your eye shape.

Upturned Eyes

If you have upturned eyes, you're in luck! This eye shape is one of the easiest to work with when it comes to lash extensions because of its ideal proportions. To achieve a natural-looking effect without adding too much volume at the ends, opt for a style that has an upward ‘J’ curl or a rounded ‘C’ curl. Add curls or width gradually throughout the lashes and make sure there isn't too much length right at the corner. Attempting too short or overly curved styles may create an unnatural appearance. Lastly, add extra length and drama to the middle of your upper eyelashes. With these tips, you're sure to pair lash extensions that accentuate your eye shape perfectly!

Post-Application Care and Maintenance

Eyelash extensions are a great option for people looking to add length and volume to their eyelashes; however, proper care and maintenance of eyelash extensions are essential. The first step is to wait 24-48 hours after application before getting the eyelids wet; this time frame allows the materials used in the process to properly set the eyelash hair. Following this step, people should take precautions when it comes to makeup or oil-based products. As well, regularly washing eyelashes with water and a gentle cleanser can help keep eyelashes clean and discourage eyelash breakage or shedding. Taking good care of eyelash extensions requires some hands, but for long-term results, it's an important step in keeping lashes beautiful and full!


Eyelash extensions for hooded eyes can be an attractive and safer way to get more length and volume without damaging your natural lashes. This type of extension provides additional length, creating a more defined and glamorous look. While it is best to visit a certified lash technician to get lash extensions, opting for quality products when using at-home extensions can also give excellent results. To ensure top-quality products and further education on proper eyelash extension application, visit our website where you can find high-quality materials as well as more information about proper lash extension use.