Do Eyelash Extensions Give You Styes? Here's What You Need to Know

If you've ever considered getting eyelash extensions, there's certainly a lot you need to know! First and foremost, any knowledgeable beauty enthusiast will tell you that it's important to understand the general risks and benefits associated with them. One thing many people are concerned about is whether eyelash extensions can cause styes or other eye irritations. The answer is complex – so if this has been keeping you from making your decision about lash extensions, continue reading for all the facts!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the ultimate eye makeup enhancement, providing the perfect combination of fullness and length for lashes that may otherwise be too sparse for traditional eye makeup solutions. By attaching individual false lashes to the tips of existing lashes with a specially formulated adhesive, eyelash extensions make lashes look naturally pretty and thick. The process can take up to two hours depending on the type of lashes desired but offers an incredible transformation with results lasting up to six weeks. For those seeking volumizing effects without curling lashes manually or using mascara, eyelash extensions provide a great way to transform natural eye makeup.

Do Lash Extensions Make You Look Better?

Lash extensions can be a great option for clients who are looking for a more glamorous look. These semi-permanent lashes come in a variety of lengths and colors, and the number of extensions applied depends on the desired effect. Upon application, the stylist affixes each extension to clients' existing lashes with a safe and long-lasting adhesive liner. The resulting lash look looks like clients spent time carefully applying eyeliner and eyeshadow to their lids each morning, without having to spend hours getting ready. While clients can achieve this stunning look from a salon, everything needed is available over the counter so they can recreate the same look at home if they choose.

The Potential Health Risks of Eyelash Extensions

In the last decade, eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular, with people wanting to accentuate and enhance their natural beauty. However, this beauty treatment can stress your eyelids and affect the health of your lashes, so it is important for individuals to understand any potential risks associated with it. Depending on the product used during application, there may be a reaction resulting in swelling or an outbreak of conjunctivitis—an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the innermost layer) of the eyelids. Further, some glue ingredients such as formaldehyde have been associated with health risks, including chemical burns and eye irritation. Before getting eyelash extensions, individuals should consult with professionals who understand these potential issues and should ask questions about the products they are using to ensure they are taking the necessary precautions to keep their eyes healthy.

How to Avoid Stye Symptoms?

Once it is determined if eyelash extensions are the cause of the stye, it is then important to address how to avoid stye symptoms or recurrences. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that eyelash extensions should be professionally applied in order to reduce the risk of eye infections. A sterile environment and medical-grade materials should always be used by a certified extension professional. To further reduce the chance of developing a stye, users should also take certain precautions, such as cleaning their eyelashes every day with an oil-free cleanser; this will ensure that your extensions remain clean and free from any bacteria.

It can also be beneficial to use warm compresses when sleeping with extensions. Some argue that this can soothe irritation, although there is no concrete evidence to support this practice. Additionally, users should be conscious of not sleeping with makeup on, as this could increase their chances of developing a stye. Since mascara products often contain oils that can weaken the adhesive bond of an extension, they are not usually recommended either.

Proper Hygiene Practices

When it comes to eyelash extensions and styes, proper hygiene practices are critical. Eye styes can be caused by a variety of environmental factors, such as makeup and dust particles. But having poor hygiene habits around your eyelashes can also lead to an increased risk of developing a stye. To avoid this, it is recommended that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser at least once a day. Additionally, make sure you thoroughly rinse off your facial cleanser and avoid using rubbing gestures near the eye area. This can help keep dirt, oil, and bacteria away from your eyes and lashes.

It is also important to use the right tools when cleaning your eyelashes. Many people opt for cotton swab applicators and intricate click-pen tools — but these can do more damage than good. Instead, choose a lash cleanser specifically designed for removing dirt, oil, and bacteria from natural lashes. Using oils to cleanse your lashes is not recommended, since they can create an environment that encourages bacterial growth around the follicles.

Another point of debate is whether to use water or no water when cleaning the eyelash extensions — some argue that the particular adhesive used can be damaged if exposed to water, while others suggest that regular washes are necessary for keeping the extensions intact and germ-free. Ultimately it's down to personal preference; discuss your choice with your lash aesthetician before proceeding with any cleaning methods.


To conclude, eyelash extensions can give you styes if they are not applied or maintained properly. It is important to follow the advice of an experienced and certified lash technician when it comes to the application and maintenance of your eyelash extensions. Additionally, when booking an appointment for a lash extension service, make sure that your technician is trained in hygienic practices, as improperly cleaned equipment and unclean salons may put you at risk for developing a bacterial infection or stye.

Though styes can be an unfortunate side-effect of eyelash extensions, many people who wear them find them to be worth it. After all, who wouldn’t want naturally long, voluminous lashes that boost confidence and enhance beauty? With proper care and knowledge of the risks, getting eyelash extensions can be a safe, beneficial decision. If any signs or symptoms of a stye do present themselves during the wearing period, contact a doctor right away and then consult with your lash technician to ensure proper upkeep thereafter.